Pullover with Crunch

Exercise Information

Exercise Name:Pullover with Crunch
Resistance Band Type:A resistance band with handles
Equipment Required:
Body Parts Exercised:Chest, back, triceps and abs

Exercise Procedure

Exercise Start Position
  1. Wrap the resistance band around an object that is not going to move such as a pole, fence, tree or something similar. The resistance band should be low to the floor.
  2. Lying face up with your head closest to the anchor point, grasp both ends of the resistance band in both hands with your arms extended above your head. There should be tension in the resistance band in this starting position.
  3. Engage your core so that you maintain correct posture, i.e. the natural arch of your lower back, throughout the movement.
Exercise End Position
  1. Arms extended above your body with your hands above your abdomen with your shoulders and upper back lifted off the floor.
Exercise Start Position
Exercise End Position
  1. Extend your arms from behind your head to above your chest whilst keeping your arms slightly bent throughout the movement.
  2. Once your arms have reached a vertical position, lift your head and shoulders as you continue to move your arms forward so as to contract your abdominals into a crunch position.
  3. Return to the starting position and repeat.
Modification Options
  1. Vary the strength or length of the resistance band to increase/ decrease the difficulty of the exercise.
  2. You can increase the intensity of the exercise by not allowing your upper back to touch the floor between reps.
Exercise Prescription

1-3 sets of up to 15 repetitions. Note that if you can do more than 15 repetitions of a particular exercise, you should increase the difficulty of that exercise. If you are performing multiple sets, you may do 2-3 sets of the one exercise before moving on to the next exercise or cycle through your whole program 2-3 times.

Up to 60 seconds rest between sets. The duration of rest will be dependent upon the intensity of the exercise for you.

Pullover with Crunch Demonstration Video