Dynamic Stretching

This is a dynamic stretching routine to be used as a warm-up before your resistance band workouts.

Guidelines for Dynamic Stretching

  • Excessive stretching prior to exercise can decrease power and hinder performance due to neural fatigue. Stretching should therefore, be a part of a warm-up but not be too exhaustive, ideally be dynamic in nature and replicate the activity to follow. The duration of stretching will however, be dependent upon how long there is between the warm-up and the activity.
  • The purpose of the stretching routine is to take the joints of the body through a full range of motion (ROM) in preparation for the activity to follow.
  • The movement should be dynamic without being ballistic, i.e., you should avoid taking the joint to its extreme ROM in a powerful movement.
  • If performing heavy strength or power training (e.g., 1 – 6 repetition range), you should also perform a specific warm-up for the activity to be performed.
  • This stretching routine should ideally be preceded by a low-intensity aerobic activity such as jogging or rowing.

List of Exercises

  1. Neck – Forward/ Backward; Side to side
  2. Shoulder Rotations
  3. Arm Swings
  4. Trunk Rotation
  5. Side Bends
  6. Hip Circumduction
  7. Roll Down – Walk hands out – Calf Stretch (Down-facing Dog) – High Plank – Upward Facing Dog – High Plank – Walk hands back to feet
  8. Lateral Lunge
  9. Backward Lunge – Lateral Flexion, Rotation
  10. Deep Squat
  11. Hip Opening (inside and outside)
  12. Leg Swings (linear and across body)

Video Demonstration of the Dynamic Stretching Routine