Start Position:
  1. Wrap the resistance band around an object that is not going to move such as a pole, fence, tree or something similar. The resistance band should be at chest height.
  2. Start in a straddle stance facing the anchor point with your legs slightly bent. Activate your core in order to maintain an upright posture.
  3. Grasp one end of the resistance band in each hand. The arms should be slightly bent and extended toward the anchor point with your palms facing inwards. There should be some tension in the resistance band at this starting point.
End Position:
  1. Arms slightly bent and extended to the sides of your body.
  1. Keeping your arms straight, pull the handles away from the anchor point and to the side of your body as far back as possible.
  2. Your arms should remain close to horizontal throughout the movement (‘T’). Alternatively, the arms may be extended to a higher position in the shape of a ‘Y’. You may alternate between a ‘T’ and a ‘Y’.
  3. Maintain an upright body position throughout the movement.
  4. Then slowly move your arms back to the start position and repeat.
Modification Options:
  1. Move further from the anchor point to increase the difficulty of the exercise.
  2. Vary the strength or length of the resistance band used to increase/ decrease the difficulty of the exercise.
  3. This exercise may also be performed with a single arm which will create far greater stress on your core to maintain your posture.

Start position

End position