A Complete Guide to Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance Band Exercises

Dynamic Stretching

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Guidelines for Dynamic Stretching:
  • Excessive stretching prior to exercise can decrease power and hinder performance due to neural fatigue. Stretching should therefore, be a part of a warm-up but not be too exhaustive, ideally be dynamic in nature and replicate the activity to follow. The duration of stretching will however, be dependent upon how long between the warm-up and the activity.
  • The purpose of the stretching routine is to take the joints of the body through a full range of motion (ROM) in preparation for the activity to follow.
  • The movement should be dynamic without being ballistic, i.e. you should avoid taking the joint to its extreme ROM in a powerful movement.
  • If performing heavy strength or power training (e.g. a 1 – 6 rep range), you should also perform a specific warm up for the activity to be performed.
  • This stretching routine should ideally be preceded by a low intensity aerobic activity such as jogging or rowing.
  1. Neck – forward/ backward; side to side
  2. Shoulder rotations
  3. Arm Swings
  4. Trunk rotation
  5. Side bends
  6. Hip circumduction
  7. Roll down – Walk hands out – Calf stretch (Down Dog) – High Plank – Up Dog – High Plank – Walk hands back
  8. Lateral lunge
  9. Backward lunge
    • Lateral Flexion
    • Rotation (dance embrace)
  10. Deep Squat
  11. Hip opening (inside and outside)
    • Leg swings (linear and across)