A Complete Guide to Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance Band Exercises
Resistance Band training

About 'A Complete Guide to Resistance Band Exercises'

Everyone can gain value from resistance band training, whether you are new to exercise or have years of experience. A Complete Guide to Resistance Band Exercises is designed in a way that allows you to start with no experience and follow the included exercise sessions to progress simply at your own pace.

You will be guided step by step to help ensure you perform the exercises safely and gain maximum benefit from each exercise. You will also receive a library with 61 different resistance band training exercises to suitably challenge you or to focus on specific areas that you choose.

About Your Fitness Trainer

Hello, my name is David and I love travelling, outdoor activities and generally keeping active.

My main purpose in life is to make a difference in the lives of others where I can. A part of this is helping people lead healthy and active lives where they can choose to live their lives in a way they choose. This includes maintaining a strong, fit, and healthy body achieved through a variety of exercise and healthy living.

Being a personal fitness trainer, I have always been interested in teaching good exercise form and technique to my clients, and the importance of having correct postural alignment both inside and outside of the fitness training sessions. This not only leads to greater ease in life generally but also less aches and pains that may develop due to postural issues.

I hope you enjoy ‘A Complete Guide to Resistance Band Exercises’ and gain great value from the exercises included.

Good luck on your journey to improved health and fitness!

Resistance Band Exercises